For the last few years, I’ve been the Art Director for a Collective known as Highwood. We’ve created entire suites of educational games, teaching content & song videos for RISE in Beijing. These included a colourful K1 early learner package, S1 Reading, S1 Maths & Science, Rtunes and Jellyphonics. We’ve also made our own Social and Emotional Reading IP, Heartwood! I’m extremely proud of everything we accomplished!


Highwood Showreel
K1 Main menu 1
S1 Reading Menu – each node is an illustrated reading passage with associated activities
K1 Holiday Lesson – Halloween
K1 Letters Lesson! A flight through Fiction!
Heartwood – SEL Reader & Activities
Illustrated Interactive passage about Empathy & Sharing
Jellyphonics Phonic Game
RTunes Main Menu
Care for the Bears – early introduction for young kids in a caring environment
Visiting a RISE Centre in Beijing
Food for Me! Song Video
Classroom dancing to Food for Me
Counting UFO’s
S1 Reading DJ Crab! Sound Activity

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