BBC's Run - a 'live' Platform Game for CBBC

BBC’s Run – a ‘live’ Platform Game for CBBC

Run! CBBC Wallpaper Image Poor Glasgow rOrwell Run! Gameplay


Test the Nation - Music

Intro Splash

Gut Instinct – Finding Revision hard to stomach?

Quizzoo Online


2 thoughts on “BBC

  1. This brings back memories! I’ve always wondered though: what’s the song that accompanies this game, specifically in the beginning scene of the game, where the singer introduces the characters? I’ve tried looking for it online, but I was wondering if you knew the song/the band who sang it. Thank you

    1. Ah, thank you! That WAS a while ago! The song was sung by a fella called Joe McDonnell and was based on the old Raccoons intro.
      SO much fun to create and a shame it never became more.

      Really appreciate you taking the time.

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